About Us

ray-bwSight ‘n Vision is a weekly 30 minute radio show heard every Friday at 3:00 DST on  BlogTalk Radio.  The target demographic is persons living with disabilities and senior citizens who may experience age-related limitations.

Ray Raysor, the host,  who has been blind for over fifty years brings to the listening audience guests who actively live with a disability and share  as professionals in the industry or from their personal experience.

“The show is edutainment” says host Ray Raysor.  We educate and entertain.

When people comment on the melding of persons with disabilities and senior citizens Ray responds   “if you live long enough you  more than likely will develop  some kind of  disability.   I believe you need to know where the fire hose is  located before the fire–  not in the middle of a firestorm”.

He  actively covers the disability community in the Washington regional area, but his message is universal.  He provides information that can be resourced in any community.

“Persons with disabilities and seniors are an untapped resource.  What we want to do is tap into this rich vein of experience and abilities.”